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Download Kapil Sharma Show Episode 42 11 Sept 2016 Video HD, MP4


Download Kapil Sharma Show Episode 42 11 Sept 2016 Video HD, MP4: Bollywood prolific singer Arijit Singh was the one and only guest of The Kapil Sharma Show on 11th September 2016. The talented singer will remember this day as one of the most unforgettable day as he was begging to stop making fun. Arijit Singh laughed so much that there was a point when he said “Bas Karo Yaar“. Not only Arijit, fans and of-course Navjot Singh Sidhu enjoyed the show a lot. Relive every moment of the show by downloading Kapil Sharma Show episode 42 that was aired on Sony on 11th of September 2016.

Download Kapil Sharma Show Arijit Singh

Download Kapil Sharma Show Episode 42 11 Sept 2016 Video HD, MP4

  • Show: The Kapil Sharma Show
  • Episode: 42
  • Date: 11th September 2016
  • Guest: Arijit Singh
  • Telecast channel: Sony Entertainment


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There was laughter, there was music and there was lots of entertainment when Arijit visited Kapil’s mohalla for the first time. Dr. Mashoor Gulati added more fun by singing Arijit’s song in different lyrics. Ali Azgar’s character brought a fake Arijit who could not resist himself from crooning.

Kapil Sharma Show 11 Sept 2016 Video Download

A source from the set stated that “Kapil Sharma considers Arijit as his younger brother. He felt delighted to invite him on the show. Kapil had a question for Arijit that why he stays away from limelight so much? The singer replied that he stays away because of his musical projects and whenever he gets time, he prefers to spend it with his family.”

Arijit sung some songs on the show also including Tum hi ho, Fakeera. During fan’s question round, a female fan requested him to sing any old song in his voice. Arijit picked up the evergreen song “Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si“. He started it in Bengali and then in Hindi that was one of the best parts of the show.

Dr. Mashoor Gulat’s songs, Rinku’s jokes were forcing Arijit to laugh out loud. At the end of the show, he had an aching tummy from all that laughing. In the end the family took selfie with Arijit and this is how it ended up.


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