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Download Goldberg’s Return To WWE Raw Video In HD, MP4


Download Goldberg’s Return To WWE Raw Video In HD, MP4: WWE superstar Goldberg made return to world’s best wrestling on 17 October 2016 that sends fans crazy. After 12 years, Goldberg returned to World Wrestling Entertainment. All fans were delighted and gave a warm welcome to the superstar. Goldberg have won WWE heavyweight championship and now returned to WWE universe to challenge Brock Lesnar at Survivor series which is scheduled to be held next month. Download video of Goldberg making return to WWE after 12 years.

download Goldberg WWE return video

Download Goldberg’s Return To WWE Raw Video In HD, MP4

Fans just lost their minds when they noticed Goldberg is making return to WWE. Relive that moment again!!!


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Goldberg’s full name is William Scott Goldberg born on 27th December 1966. Before he was a professional wrestler, Goldberg was a professional football player. After retiring from wrestling, he began working as a commentator for the mixed martial arts promotion EliteXC until its closure.

Looks like he has made return to WWE just at correct time when the Beast Brock Lesnar is at his best. Two superstars who returned to their profession are set to face each other at modern level. Brock Lesnar is tasting incredible success right now, but can he maintain it after the return of Goldberg?

Goldberg had an emotional speech in the ring saying “12 years ladies and gentlemen. You never say never, eh? I never thought I’d be in this ring again, so thank you for the humble return. What makes it so special is that my wife and my son are here to see me live for the first time ever.”

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