Download Anupam Kher Speech At Telegraph National Debate 2016 Video


Download Anupam Kher Speech At Telegraph National Debate 2016 Video: In this video Anupam Kher slameed all those who are supporting JNU traitors. Anupam Kher got emotional after listening to congress spolesperson Surjewala, Justic Ganguly and other s who supported Kanhaiya and Khaled and indirectly insulted the supreme court. If you want to watch and download Anupam Kher Speech video. In the below we are sharing with you video and download link button.

Download Anupam Kher Speech At Telegraph National Debate 2016 Video

Mr. Anupam Kher’s speech was far way better as it reflects every Indian thinker’s mind. Barkha Dutt speak more pertaining to journalism and as a journalist and not at all like a rational thinker or like a common man (majority of Indians). Whereas Anupam Khen stepped down into common man shoes. What he told is exactly in my and our (many Indian’s mind). Media of India is criticized and will be critized because of person like Barkha Dutt and Arnab Goswami. Congress and India Media should be taught a lesson as they always hamper in the development of India internally and global level.

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There is no comparison between the speech of Mr.Anupam Kher and Ms.Barkha Dutt.The speech of Ms.Dutt is nothing more than a back bencher from the opposition in Parliament. She was magnifying Mr.Kanhaiya Kumar as if he is a national leader.Yes.he is the president of J.N.U and a Ph.D student.There are thousands of Ph.D students and they need experience to talk about revolution.We have much much more experience than him..Though she started with an introductory remark that she is not anti Modi, anti Modism started spilling out when speech proceeded.On the whole it is not a speech for the audience present in the hall.{Criticising a colleague who was not present was all the more disgusting}